I'm Chris

I currently work as a Product Designer at Mimi Hearing Technologies.
We are working on making hearing test technologies more human-centred and teaching people how to use and understand insights right from their pockets. By the way, that’s a sunny snowstorm in Umeå on that picture, how cool is that!

I graduated with an MFA in Interaction Design from Umeå Institute of Design, after completing a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design & Technology w/ Professional Practice at Brunel University London.

I was born in Austria, but had the privilege to work and study in various countries spread over two continents. This made me very keen on expanding my horizons much further and learning wherever possible. Let me know if we can help each other out!

UID17 Degree Talks & Exhibition

Umeå Institute of Design holds an annual degree event showcasing student work for industry guests!

Check out the event!

Interested in my thesis?
Hint: I worked on an educational design project with Foundation5 and the London Air Ambulance!

Work Experience

Aug 2017 – Present
Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Oct 2013 – Aug 2014
Jardine Engineering Corporation
Manila, Philippines

Aug – Oct 2013
Peppermint Products GmbH
Munich, Germany